Health Care Provider Education 

The APSS and the development of best practices at the national and provincial levels have revitalized the need for a more organized and comprehensive approach to stroke education for health care providers.  A health care provider education initiative is one of the most important components of the stroke strategy directly contributing to evidence-based practice change in stroke prevention and management. 

The intended impact of the provincial health care provider initiative is to:

  • Increase accessibility of stroke education for all health care providers 
  • Increase health care provider knowledge and skills in topic areas related to their specific needs and location of practice
  • Increase health care provider confidence and capacity to deliver optimal stroke care 

Professional Education Resources


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APSS Education Team Contact Information


Gayle Thompson RN, MN

Program Manager

Phone: (403) 356-4228   Cell: (403) 506-6559

Fax: (403) 358-4342        Email:


Diane MacPherson

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (403) 781-1998    Fax: (403) 270-3550




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APSS Regional Educators

Andrea Cole-Haskayne, BA, RN
Nurse Clinician, Stroke Prevention Clinic

Foothills Medical Centre
Phone: (403) 944-8647   Email:


Grace Sutherland, RN, BScN, ACCN

Stroke Coordinator, Chinook Regional Hospital

South Zone

Phone: (403) 388-6537   Email :


Colleen Taralson, BSc, BSN

Stroke Services Coordinator

Edmonton and Area Zone
Phone: (780) 407-2811   Email:


Shirley Garnier, RN

Stroke Lead

North Zone

Phone: (780) 645-3331 ext. 192   Email:


Johan van der Nest, B. OT

Stroke Project Rehab Lead

North Zone

Phone: (780) 805-3522   Email:


Monique Fernquist, RN, BSN, M.Ed

Critical Care Educator, Medicine Hat Regional Hospital 

South Zone

Phone: (403) 528 – 8174 Email:


Philo King, RN 

Stroke Navigator / Educator

North Zone

Phone: (780) 791-6186 Email:


Cheryl King, RN 

Heart and Stroke Clinician

St. Mary's Hospital, Camrose

Phone: (780) 679-3114 Email:



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Provincial Stroke Education Components


The following diagram illustrates the elements of stroke education.  It reflects how stroke education will vary according to clinical needs of staff by Pillar, location of work and required competency.  The model also shows how the delivery of stroke education across the continuum and at different levels is supported through provincial approaches to standard curricula development, development of resources, and dissemination.


Stroke Education Model


Provincial Stroke Education Structure


APSS Education Advisory Group Terms of Reference 


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