About APSS

The Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy (APSS) is a project funded by the Alberta Provincial Government to improve stroke prevention and care in the province. Alberta Health and Wellness, provincial health zones and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT and Nunavut are working together to ensure all Albertans have access to the right services. Together these partners form the Alberta Stroke Council.

The Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy (APSS) is a province-wide approach to stroke care and prevention. The process of APSS will lay the foundation from which health regions and partners can share information about their stroke services, implement new services that are known to be effective, coordinate service delivery across boundaries and develop common ways to adopt evidence based practices that will get the biggest impact on health. Performance measures will be put in place to allow continued progress towards optimum practice

Key Documents

Alberta Stroke Council Terms of Reference (pdf)

APSS Stroke Blueprint 2006 (pdf)

APSS Organization Chart (pdf)

Pillar Terms of Reference (pdf)

APSS Process (pdf)

Pillar Components of Optimal Stroke Care (pdf)

The Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy is partnered with the Canadian stroke Strategy, a group overseeing a major national effort to change the way stroke is managed in this country.

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